Insulcap® provides protection against temperature extremes and moisture and mechanical damage such as scuffing.
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Insulbox® ensures smaller and temperature sensitive goods can be easily and safely transported.
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Insulrepel® combines Insul technology with a non-toxic rodent repellant, to deliver an all-in-one warehousing and transportation solution.
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Insullite® regulates temperature and protects against moisture, whilst ensuring the weight of packaging is kept to a minimum.
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Insulmailer® utilises the benefits of Insul® technology in the form of a mail liner and as a substitute for polystyrene.
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TempTRIP product - temperature controlled distribution

24/7 temperature monitoring and data logging for your fridges and/or cold chain.

Easy to use and cost effective.

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“An optimised cold chain can reduce your
annual running costs by up to 50%”

Proudly Servicing:

“We were in new territory as the transportation of refrigerated goods wasn’t our space. When we came across TempTRIP®, it certainly helped us understand what was happening when the goods left our Shepparton factory.”

Brett Morrison,
Brett Morrison, SPC

“In an attempt to maintain quality control, Yering Stations use Insulcap® on selected shipments of export wines. Yering Station are confident that their wines “arrive in the best possible condition when shipped with Insulcap®.”

Paul Viani,
Paul Viani, Yering Station

“Geodis Wilson is a global freight management company, whose goods require a secure cold chain solution and with the help of the Insul® range, Geodis Wilson has been able to achieve outstanding results since 2010.”

Michael Mosele,
Michael Mosele, Geordis Wilson