About Wilpak Group International Posted by The Wilpak Group November 17th, 2019

Wilpak Group International has grown to become the
largest manufacturer of thermal blankets in
Australia and Singapore

About Wilpak Group International

The Wilpak Group International is a privately owned Australian company, improving world health since 2003.

Over these 14 years, The Wilpak Group International has grown to become the largest manufacturer of thermal blankets in Australia and Singapore, being a lead provider of specialist Cold Chain and Controlled Room Temperature (CRT) solutions globally.

Our InsulCap® thermal blankets are typically used at any or all points throughout the end-to-end supply chain logistics, to manage thermal risk aspects of our partners, from warehouse storage to end user delivery. InsulCap® thermal blankets are used in warehousing logistics, as well as sea, air and road shipping applications, to manage the thermal risks to which time-temperature sensitive goods are exposed during freight operations.

Striving to meet the needs of the pharma and food organisations that require temperature regulation of their products during transport and storage, we offer innovative customised thermal management solutions for the shipping of temperature-sensitive goods. We are thermal packaging technology experts, specialising in advanced temperature control and damage defence systems, preserving the life of our partners’ assets in transit.

wilpakOur unique and cost-effective passive insulation protects goods against rapid temperature changes, weather extremes and mechanical damage during transport. With branded products such as InsulCap®, InsulBox® and InsulRepel®, we assist companies in their efforts to minimise loss and save money by eliminating product damage during transport.

These thermal management innovations are especially useful during breaks in the cold chain and CRT logistics, such as during the loading and unloading of trucks, or waiting on an airport tarmac, offering an alternative solution to expensive active temperature-controlled shipping. Removing the need for refrigerated trucks and substantially reducing overhead costs, organisations will find that our technology offers partners great value.


The Wilpak Group International demonstrate the following beliefs in all that we do and the partnerships in which we invest:

Ethics and Integrity
We do the right things and look after others.

Leadership and Responsibility
We are accountable for our decisions and actions.

Quality and Excellence
We follow process to meet requirements.

Innovation and Learning
We share knowledge and support idea generation.

Partnership and Integration
We work together with our stakeholders.


Product of SingaporeAs the Wilpak Group International operations grow internationally, we are developing strategic relationships with partners globally, in the supply of key materials, the fabrication of products and the distribution of finished goods, throughout Australia, Asia, America and Europe.
These strategic relationships are vital to ensuring that The Wilpak Group International can deliver thermal innovations and service that is of value and quality, meeting partner requirements anywhere in the world.

As a result, The Wilpak Group International has grown to become the largest manufacturer of thermal blankets in Australia and Singapore.


The Wilpak Group International is committed to identifying what matters to our partners, then delivering solutions of value. We follow deliberate and repeatable business process that qualify customer requirements and deliver products that satisfy partner expectations.

Accordingly, we are audited by Lloyd’s Register LRQA, a leading global certification body, who have certified The Wilpak Group International as satisfying the requirements of the following standards:

  • ISO 9001 Quality Management System
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System