How Pharmaceutical Cold Chains Benefit from Wilpak

Did you know that the vaccines that are used to protect us from life endangering diseases must be completely refrigerated until they used? That includes packaging, distributing and storing the drug until use.

The temperature range for safely transporting pharmaceuticals such as vaccines is between 2 to 8 °C. Try to imagine the complexity of delivering life saving vaccines to locations such as Africa where temperatures reach an average of 34°C.

The risk of pharmaceuticals becoming inactive or life threatening due to excess exposure to heat is extremely high.

So how do pharmaceutical companies ensure that their medication is consistently within safe temperature ranges throughout the entire cold chain (including unloading and loading or refrigerator failures)?

Enter Insulcap®, Insulmailer® and TempTrip® by The Wilpak Group.

Insulcap® and Insulmailer®

Insulcap® and Insulmailer® are insulated covers for pallets and small goods respectively that protect goods such as pharmaceuticals from extreme temperatures.

Insulcap® and Insulmailer® will keep pharmaceuticals between the temperature safety ranges even when medication or vaccines are transferred between refrigerated environments.


TempTRIP® is a RFID monitoring system that shows live temperatures and data logging of cold chain logistic temperatures.

TempTrip will record and notify any rise in temperatures of refrigerated environments 24/7, preventing major disasters from failing refrigerators that store sensitive pharmaceutical drugs.

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