How to Achieve Consistent Temperature for Long Periods of Time

Do you ever wonder how temperature sensitive goods can travel around the world without overheating?

Temperature regulation is one of the many major challenges of the storage and logistic industry. Temperature controlled products and services for controlled ambient (15 – 25° Celsius) as well as refrigerated (2 – 8° Celsius) products is essential for any client transporting pharmaceuticals, consumables, chemicals (aerosol sprays), or any other perishable goods.

So how do major logistic companies create and maintain temperature-controlled environments?

The Wilpak Group manufacture insulated pallet (Insulcap®) covers that help maintain consistent temperatures for heat sensitive goods.

How do we do this?

Insulcap® is an insulated pallet hood that protects vulnerable pallets by effectively reflecting sunlight (the main source of heat) and maintaining ambient temperatures with the 7-layer Insul technology.

Major film exporter, Innovia Films, conducted a test on Insulcap® on their five-week shipment of film from Melbourne to Hong Kong.

How to Achieve Consistent Temperature for Long Periods of Time

The shipment was left unattended on an unsheltered dock for up to 8 days resulting in temperature spiking (28°C to 54°C) for the pallet without Insulcap® protection. Unsurprisingly the pallet with Insulcap® technology did not spike in heat and maintained a consistent ambient temperature!

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