Adopting Protective Packaging Practices

Protective packaging plays an important part in reducing environmental impact, enhancing corporate image and reducing overall costs.

Packaging supports and balances your company’s broader sustainability goals and initiatives for reducing your carbon footprint.

At the Wilpak Group, we don’t agree with the current trend in manufacturing that sees product manufactured as cheaply as possible – resulting in “Planned Obsolescence”. We believe that reducing carbon emission is more important than ever. We have incorporated these values into the manufacturing of our Insul® range and because every Insul® product is manufactured in Australia, you know that stringent environmental guidelines are adhered to, making it one of the most environment friendly packaging material.

The key to creating sustainable practices is to minimise material without sacrificing protection. While using recycled packaging is ideal, it’s vital that they adequately protect the product being shipped.

This is exactly what our Insul® Technology has been designed to do. You can sleep rest assured that your products are being adequately protected.