How to prevent a major health scare with TempTRIP®

Imagine this situation:

You walk into your restaurant early one morning. Everything looks the same as it did when you left the night before. However, little do you know that there was a power trip during the night and all your fridges were without power for hours. The power came back on hours later and by the time you arrive for your morning shift, everything looked the same. Unbeknown to you, the refrigerator temperature has increased during those hours – exposing all the food in your restaurant to the temperature danger zone.

If this happened to you, would you be able to tell?

This is what happened to our client – Hotel 520.

Luckily for Hotel 520, they had previously installed our TempTRIP® monitoring devices.

TempTRIP® is a temperature monitoring and tracking system that syncs to the cloud and enables 24/7 monitoring and data logging of fridges and cold chain logistics.

When the Head Chef opened the fridges, they noticed that all the TempTRIP® devices were flashing red. Once the TempTRIP® devices were downloaded to read the data, it was evident that the food had been exposed for far too long and as a result, everything had to be thrown away.

If it weren’t for TempTRIP®, Hotel 520 would have had no idea that their fridges were “off for hours” and as a result – saved themselves from a major health scare.