Insulated Thermal Blankets and why using them will save you thousands

If you are in the transport industry, then chances are you have heard about Insulated Thermal Blankets.

You may not know how they could save you thousands on freight bills – and here’s why

At The Wilpak Group, we manufacture Insulated Thermal Blankets that are innovative packaging solutions for temperature sensitive goods. These Insul® products work as a convector to enable goods to withstand rapid temperature changes.

In some cases, our clients have found that our Insulated Thermal Blankets have completely eradicated the need for refrigerated trucks – substantially reducing overhead costs.

If you would like to know how much you can save – download our cost comparison calculator here.

We manufacture our Insulated Thermal Blankets in many different forms, so that they can be tailored specifically to your logistics process.

Our product range includes:

Our Insulated Thermal Blankets have been especially useful when breaks occur in the cold chain logistics system, such as the loading and unloading of trucks. These issues are inevitable in the transportation process, however with our Insul® technology you have the peace of mind that the temperature of your goods are protected from weather extremes.

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