Insulcap® – a solution for all products

Regardless of type of goods that you transport, the natural environment doesn’t discriminate.

Geodis Wilson is a global freight management company that use Insulcap® for the transportation of dairy products.

Transporting these goods requires a secure cold chain solution and with the help of the Insul® range, Geodis Wilson has been able to achieve outstanding results since 2010.

Geodis Wilson use Insulcap® and Insullite® for the airfreight shipment and the range is used for a number of outcomes. Michael Mosele from Geodis Wilson says “The Insul® range stops the sunlight penetrating containers when goods are being loaded and unloaded at airports. Furthermore, the range provides an extra layer of protection against transport damage. We also view it as a theft deterrent as well.”

In recent times, the Insul® range was used on shipments of yoghurt to Hong Kong and in no instance during the contract period was the yoghurt rejected at the receiver end for temperature issues.

Michael notes that the Insul® range provides an envelope for keeping products within temperature range and “we couldn’t be happier”.