Reclycable and Reusable Bubble Wrap

Our Insul® technology is manufactured by the world’s leading bubble wrap manufacturer.

Our high-performance Bubble Wrap is comprised of a barrier layer that retains air and maintains its cushioning performance in all conditions.

This makes our Insul® range highly reusable, greatly reducing the amount of packaging material that enters the waste stream. Also, our standard grade Bubble Wrap cushioning contains a minimum of 15% pre-consumer recycled content.

Wilpak’s manufacturing practices include comprehensive environmental programs to reduce waste quantities, energy usage, water usage, and emissions. We are committed to reducing our environmental footprint by cutting Green House Gas (GHG) emissions, pursuing renewable energy sources and increasing our active yield.

Insul® products can and have been used by our clients on multiple occasions. We don’t agree with the current trend in manufacturing that sees product manufactured as cheaply as possible – resulting in “Planned Obsolescence”.

In fact, Insulcap® is so hard wearing, that we have some customers who are still using their original Insulcap®.