Reflecting Radiant Heat

Radiant heat from the sun makes up 93% of all insulation problems.

Our Insul® technology is designed specifically to reflect radiant heat and to help even out temperature extremes. Radiant insulation such as our Insul® range, helps reflect heat instead of either absorbing it or letting it pass through.

Insul® technology has been manufactured with seven layers of laminated walls that provide the ultimate cold chain solution. By encapsulating your freight pallets with Insul® technology, you can transport your goods with the peace of mind that they are being protected from all weather extremes.

The metallic outer surface can repel up to 98% of sunlight (radiant heat). Heat can cause your product to expand, contract, sweat, release moisture, obtain or release odours, produce container rain, reduce shelf life and even alter the appearance (changes colours, dulls the product). The Insul® range encapsulates elements of the environment to provide the unique properties of both insulation and moisture control.

This means that Insul® technology is especially useful when breaks occur in the cold chain logistics system, such as the loading and unloading of trucks. If left out in the sun, perishable goods can be significantly damaged. If food falls between the temperature danger zone (5°c – 60°c), the chance of bacteria growing in the food increases and could potentially risk the health and safety of your end customer.

In some cases, Insul® technology has eradicated the need for refrigerated trucks, substantially reducing overhead costs.

Insul® technology should be thought of as a safety net or insurance policy as you can relax with the peace of mind that your perishable goods are being transported in a stable temperature controlled environment.