Case Study Pharma Chamber Test & Road Freight Journey Posted by The Wilpak Group August 19th, 2020

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InsulBox® Thermal Box Liner


  • The Wilpak Group produces a range of custom InsulBox® thermal box liners.
  • These thermal barrier systems enclose the packaged products to provide an enclosed thermal environment,
    that passively manages product temperature during storage and transport.
  • The InsulBox® is constructed from InsulPlatinum®, a high performance thermal barrier material that is exclusive to The Wilpak Group.
  • The InsulPlatinum® material is a heavy duty three layer highly reflective air cylinder barrier, consisting of a foil/air/foil laminated configuration.


  • Clients using InsulBox® thermal box liners typically need to validate this product, ensuring that the
    product performance meets specified requirement.
  • Accordingly, InsulBox® has been independently validated by our clients:
    • Trial 1 – Laboratory (Controlled Environment)
    • Trial 2 – Commercial Route (Uncontrolled Environment)

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