Case Study Pharma Sea & Air Freight Journey Posted by The Wilpak Group November 21st, 2019

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Case Profile

InsulCap® Prevents Pharmaceutical

Excursions When Freight Plans Are Compromised

The Planned Journey

In June this year, a major pharmaceutical company dispatched a large shipment of goods via sea freight to Manila, Philippines. The plan was for these goods to be managed in a controlled temperature environment until they reached the intended destination, in order to meet industry specifications.

Data loggers monitored the temperature of the goods and external environment for the journey.

The First Challenge – Delayed at Sea

Unfortunately, due to the shipping company going into liquidation, the pharmaceutical goods were left stranded at sea and unable to dock. Even though the journey was delayed, the temperature of the goods was still compliant while at sea.

This ship was eventually allowed to dock in Singapore, where the pharmaceutical goods were unloaded (point 1 on chart) and sent by urgent air freight from Singapore to Manila.

It was at this cross over point, that the freight forwarder decided to apply InsulCap® thermal pallet covers to each unit load, in order to manage the risk of potential excursions due to heat exposure.

wilpakThe Second Challenge – Stuck on a Tarmac

While on the tarmac at Singapore airport (point 2 on chart), the pharmaceutical goods were exposed to external environmental temperatures greater than 40⁰C. Again, on the tarmac in Manila (point 3 on chart) external temperature was nearly 40⁰C.

However, the temperature inside the InsulCap® did not exceed 30⁰C, providing a 15+⁰C differential in internal/external temperatures.

Customer Acceptance of Goods Without Loss

On review, the major pharmaceutical company delivered their goods without costly excursion loss.
The use of InsulCap® prevented thermal heat damage by maintaining temperature specifications.

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