More Insulcap® Tests and Results

Insulcap® is an insulated pallet cover efficiently protects temperature sensitive goods from extreme heat or cold by reflecting glaring sunlight and maintaining consistent temperatures with the 7-layer Insul® insulation technology.

The Wilpak Group has tested Insulcap® under a variation of conditions with multiple companies and products. These tests demonstrate Insulcap®’s ability to maintain an optimal pallet temperature over a long period of time.

-25°C Controlled Environment

Product: Yoghurt

A yoghurt product wrapped in Insulcap® was kept in an industrial freezer at a consistent chilled environment of -25°C for a period of 4 days (96 hours).



Yoghurt completely freezes at temperatures of below -18°C *. Therefore it would be undesirable for the temperature of the yogurt products to be above 10°C (as it would spoil) and below -18°C (as it would freeze and lose its soft quality).

The Insulcap® 7-layer insulation technology maintained a consistent and optimal temperate for the yoghurt products (between 5°C and -5°C over the 4 days).

*Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Orders 2005

-18°C Controlled Environment

Company: Woolworths, major supermarket chain in Australia.
Product: Mixed goods

A pallet of mixed goods was covered with Insulcap® in the back of freezer truck for a period of 8 hours. The truck could maintain a consistent temperature of



20°C Controlled Environment

Product: Mincemeat

A sample of Mincemeat was left unattended in the loading dock of a major cold store for the duration of 2.5 days (a situation that is a bit too common). The temperature of the dock was an ambient 20°C.



Optimally mincemeat for human consumption has to be stored between 0-3°C*. The mincemeat maintained a temperature between 10°C to 12°C. If it weren’t for Insulcap® the mince would be deemed unsafe for human consumption.

*Foodscience CSIRO