Pallet Shipper, Melbourne, VIC Posted by The Wilpak Group November 28th, 2017

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Pallet Shipper, Melbourne, VIC

Our insulated pallet covers and patented Insul® technology provide the pallet shipper solutions you are looking for in Melbourne.

Pallet Shipper in Melbourne, Victoria

If you supply temperature-sensitive goods to stores across the country, then you know the value that comes with having a reliable pallet shipper that keeps your materials in good condition. You may also know the frustration that comes when you have to deal with waste after a pallet shipment has become damaged during transport. At The Wilpak Group, we set out to help those industries that need solutions for transporting their temperature-regulated products, and that’s how we came up with our Insul® technology.

If you work for a company that requires a pallet shipper on a regular basis, knowing that you can expect your shipment to arrive to its destination with little risk of damage means two things:

  1. You can achieve greater risk management because of reduced waste.
  2. You can effectively save money and provide your customers with the products they need.

If you have struggled to find a pallet shipper that truly helps you protect your supplies and maintain your shipment for the duration of its transport, then our insulated pallet covers and patented Insul® technology offer just the solutions you are looking for.

At The Wilpak Group, we have been providing worry-free transport for a number of industries since 2003, and with our insulated pallet shippers, we can help you achieve your goals of successful freight shipments in Melbourne, Victoria. Our experienced team will be happy to answer your questions about our products, and we can help you reduce waste and save money with every shipment. Contact us today to discuss your shipping needs and to learn more about our Insul® technology.


Pallet Covers

Pallet Covers in Melbourne, Victoria
You’ll find that our insulated pallet covers offer the high-quality solutions you need in Melbourne. If you often find that your pallet covers leave something to be desired during shipment, then you may be looking for solutions that involve improved protection of your products and supplies.

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