Pharmaceutical Packaging, Brisbane, QLD Posted by The Wilpak Group November 28th, 2017

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Pharmaceutical Packaging, Brisbane, QLD

We have helped our Brisbane customers achieve greater efficiency with their pharmaceutical packaging needs since 2003.

Pharmaceutical Packaging in Brisbane, Queensland

Quality pharmaceutical packaging doesn’t stop with the bags, bottles, vials, or stoppers that carry your medical products. At The Wilpak Group, we understand this and realise that the right pharmaceutical packaging is comprised of multiple layers of packaging as part of a multi-faceted strategy, so your products and supplies safely reach your customer base. If poor temperature regulation during transport or other mechanical issues affect the quality of your shipments and result in significant waste, you will find the pharmaceutical packaging solutions you need with us.

We have helped our customers achieve greater efficiency with their pharmaceutical packaging needs since 2003. Our patented Insul® technology is included with all of our insulated pallet covers and other insulated products, so you maintain the temperature of your pharmaceutical products when they are transported in Brisbane, Queensland. Our solutions also reduce the likelihood of waste and damage that can occur before final arrival. Plus, our packaging solutions allow your customers to receive the medical products they need to live a healthier life.

Finding pharmaceutical packaging solutions that ensure your medical products get to the right location undamaged every time isn’t difficult when you work with us a The Wilpak Group. We are ready and waiting to provide expert recommendations regarding our packaging products, so you get on the track to success. Give us a call today to find out more and to speak with one of our packaging professionals.

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