Rising to the challenge

Australia is well known for its quality wine exports and global wine connoisseurs won’t settle for anything less.

Yering Station was Australia’s first vineyard, planted in 1838 and is now one of the largest in the Yarra Valley.

Yering Station’s ability to connect with and engage overseas wine drinkers is paramount to long term success of their brand.

To ensure the wines get to the end user in the best possible condition, Yering Stations use Insulcap® on selected shipments of export wines – to even out temperature extremes which occur during the transportation process.

Wine requires stable temperature conditions and Yering Station found that when using container liners, there were instances where wine pallets were left in direct sunlight while containers were unloading. Therefore radiant heat could severely impact the quality of the wine.

Also the use of non temperature controlled warehouses for storage further impacted the quality of wine before end sales were secured.

“The use of Insulcap® helps Yering Station keep export wine in it’s “best drinking condition” for the end user, the wine connoisseurs.

With that in mind, Yering Station have confidence their wine arrives in its best possible condition to the desired destination.

In summary, Insulcap® allows Yering Station to maintain quality control and deliver great wine to export markets.