Storing Insulin Safely

Insulin is one of the most popular pharmaceutical drugs that need to be maintained at a precise temperature level to retain its efficacy. It is important that Insulin is transported and stored correctly within the supply chain, as it may be dangerous if the Insulin expires.

Safe Insulin Temperatures*

  • Not in-use Insulin optimally should be stored in refrigerated conditions.
  • Not in-use Insulin may be kept at ambient temperatures of 15-25°C for up to 28 days.
  • In-use Insulin may be kept at ambient temperatures of 15-25°C for up to 28 days.

To maintain these temperatures during storage and transportation is important that the Insulin is properly insulated and protected from weather conditions. Many cold chain services track their shipments and utilise temperature-controlled storage. Another important aspect of keeping the Insulin in optimal conditions is to utilise RFID labels and insulation technologies such as Insul®.

Insulation packaging, such as Insulcap® or Insulmailer®, have proven to be able to maintain optimal temperatures for pharmaceutical drugs in a variation of weather conditions and circumstances. The Insul technology can ensure that the Insulin shipment is not exposed to temperature extremes (not too hot, not too cold).

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*Use these temperatures as a general guide only, we advise you speak to your doctor for medical advice.