TempTRIP® – The Tinned Fruit Transportation Tool

Not only can TempTRIP® be used to monitor and track refrigerator temperatures in restaurants and cafes, many of our clients have found that TempTRIP® is the perfect solution for tracking the transportation of perishable products.

This is why SPC found us.

Many of you who live in Australia will be familiar with the SPC brand – especially if you’ve seen the ads on TV – “Goodness me it’s SPC!”

SPC are an Australian food manufacturer that well known for distributing perishable goods such as tinned fruit (and baked beans!)

In 2012, SPC took on a new chilled product range, which meant for the first time, a refrigerated goods product line was being shipped around Australia and the goods needed to stay chilled – at all times.

With that in mind, SPC needed help to manage this new process.

SPC implemented a two step process where data was downloaded from our TempTRIP® devices in two batches. The first download occurred when goods were transported from Shepparton to Melbourne. The second reading occurred during the leg from Melbourne to the destination, where a third party carrier became responsible for the goods.

Brett Morrison from SPC noted that “We were in new territory as the transportation of refrigerated goods wasn’t our space. When we came across TempTRIP®, it certainly helped us understand what was happening when the goods left our Shepparton factory and then later assisted to make better transportation decisions”.

“Once the process was in place at our end and with our carrier, it was easy and worked well”

TempTRIP® data allowed SPC to ensure the range reached the end user in the best possible condition and assisted in the identification of trouble spots, which could then be fixed before they became larger issues.

TempTRIP® started as a short term management tool, however quickly transformed into a quality assurance process which became mandatory with each shipment.