The Wilpak Group’s Small Carbon Footprint

The Wilpak Group is very proud to be ISO 14001 Certified.

What is the ISO 14001 Certification?

The International Organization for Standardization publishes standard documents that provides requirements, specifications, guidelines that are developed by a panel of industry experts.

The internationally recognised ISO 14001 Certification addresses various aspects of environmental management systems as a result of the increasing effects of climate change.

What does this mean for Wilpak clients?

Wilpak clients can have peace of mind that Wilpak’s processes and production of Insul® technologies will leave a minimal carbon footprint and will comply with environmental laws and regulations.

From strong thermal pallet covers to non-toxic rodent repellent insulation materials, our products are not only reliable and cost-effective but are also socially and environmentally responsible.

Benefits of our ISO 14001 Certification:

  • Reduction in waste
  • Reduction in consumption of resources
  • Reduction in operating costs
  • Environmentally Friendly products
  • Low Carbon Footprint

Help protect the environment with The Wilpak Group.