Thermal Innovation Posted by The Wilpak Group August 20th, 2020

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Thermal Innovation for the Insulated Packaging of Food

The Wilpak Group International designs and manufactures a range of customised thermal management products, ideal for ensuring your food packaging is effectively insulated.

About Our Thermal Management Systems

By integrating a range of high performance thermal barrier materials with modern manufacturing processes, The Wilpak Group International develops and delivers effective thermal management systems, including our key Trademarked product lines:

  • The InsulCap® thermal blankets
  • The InsulBox® thermal box liners

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If you’re interested in finding an insulated packaging solution for food, the Wilpak Group International can help. Simply give us a call on +61 414 821 432 or send a message online for a quick response.

InsulCap® Thermal Blankets

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InsulBox® Thermal Liners

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InsulRepel® Technology

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