Insulcap Posted by The Wilpak Group August 20th, 2020

Insulcap® - Quality Insulated Pallet Covers in Australia

When it comes to thermal pallet covers, you need a reliable product made from a strong, thermal insulation material. Fortunately, Insulcap® pallet covers provide protection against temperature and weather extremes, as well as mechanical damages such as scuffing.

How Do Insulcap® Pallet Covers Work?

Temperature regulation occurs through the seven layer Insul® technology, creating the ideal environment for temperature to be controlled. Used during transportation, Insulcap® allows temperature-sensitive goods to withstand rapid temperature changes. This is especially useful when necessary breaks such as the loading and unloading of trucks occur, especially when the cold chain is broken.

Want to Find Out More About Insulcap® Thermal Pallet Covers?

Download the Insulcap® brochure here.

With an aim to improve the world’s health, Wilpak Group International is creating groundbreaking technology that achieves exactly that. To find out more about insulated pallet covers in Australia, send us a message or speak with a specialist directly on +61 414 821 432.

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    Custom Designed

    No Set up Costs

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    Proven temperature control


    Great substitute for temperature sensitive goods

    Great for small items