Temperature Management, Brisbane, QLD Posted by The Wilpak Group January 4th, 2018

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Temperature Management, Brisbane, QLD

We saw a need for better temperature management solutions, which inspired us to create our Insul® technology for companies like yours in Brisbane.

Temperature Management in Brisbane, Queensland

When you need to ship temperature-sensitive goods, temperature management during transit is likely a priority for your business. Not only do you need to ensure that your products and supplies maintain a stable temperature from one location to another, but you also want to maintain their efficacy for the end user.

At The Wilpak Group, we saw a need for better temperature management solutions within a number of industries on a global scale. That’s what inspired us to create our Insul® technology, which is changing the way companies control the temperature of their goods during transit. Our innovative pallet covers and thermal packaging solutions not only ensure the safety and security of your products, but also ensure that your end user has a safe and reliable product that arrives on their doorstep.

Our Insul® technology isn’t just an added layer of protection on top of your typical pallet. Many unique situations can arise during transit, but we offer solutions, including a unique moisture barrier, non-toxic rodent repellent, and protections against mechanical damage during loading – in addition to the incorporation of temperature-management technology. This means that you can effectively deliver your products to your customers, while reducing waste and improving your bottom line.

At The Wilpak Group, we are ready to explore the temperature management solutions that will work best for your business in Brisbane, Queensland. Whether you are shipping locally or across the country, or if you serve a global market, you’ll find our Insul® technology is the right fit. Contact us today to learn more.


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