Thermal Packaging, Melbourne, VIC Posted by The Wilpak Group January 4th, 2018

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Thermal Packaging, Melbourne, VIC

We created our Insul® technology to help meet the challenges various industries in Melbourne may face with standard thermal packaging.

Thermal Packaging in Melbourne, Victoria

Do you require high-quality thermal packaging for the transport of your goods and supplies? Do you often find that you must calculate large quantities of waste after your shipments due to mechanical concerns or temperature regulation failures? At The Wilpak Group, we understand what it means to be in an industry that supplies customers with temperature-sensitive goods and the frustration that can come with damage during shipment. Fortunately, we created our Insul® technology to help meet the challenges various industries may face with standard thermal packaging.

Our Insul® technology is designed to provide safe, reliable, temperature-controlled transport for a variety of goods and supplies that must travel via freight shipments. Not only is our technology safe for food and pharmaceutical products, but it is also ideal for waste reduction during and after shipment delivery. By using our patented Insul® products, you will find that your return on investment exceeds your goals because you will save money before, during, and after each shipment in Melbourne, Victoria. Whether you provide local supplies or carry freight across the country, your products will remain safe and sound until they arrive at their intended destination.

At The Wilpak Group, we are the largest manufacturer of insulated pallet covers in Australia, and we can help you address the concerns surrounding your temperature-sensitive shipments. Your thermal packaging doesn’t have to equal loss of product and added cost. Contact us today to discuss your needs and to learn more about how our Insul® technology can work for you.


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