Insulated Pallet Cover, Melbourne, VIC

Our insulated pallet cover is a great fit for many shipment types in Melbourne.

Insulated Pallet Cover in Melbourne, VIC
When it comes to protecting your shipments in Melbourne, Victoria, there may be several things that you attempt to control, with the protection of goods and waste management at the forefront of your mind. At The Wilpak Group, we understand that you want as much of your goods to arrive at their intended destination in-tact as possible. We also know that when you are shipping temperature-sensitive items, it can be more difficult to control product loss due to breaks in the logistics chain.

In an effort to resolve this problem, at The Wilpak Group, we created insulated pallet covers using our patented Insul® technology, which can reduce costs due to waste during shipment. Our Insul® technology is designed not only to provide the added layer of protection you require for your food and pharmaceutical items but also to help maintain temperature regulation during loading and unloading. More of your products will arrive at the proper temperature and ready for use, improving your company’s bottom line.

Another great reason to use our insulated pallet covers is that of the many applications they can be used for. Whether you need protection during warehouse storage, are interested in a lightweight option to ease transport, or need a monitoring and tracking system for your shipments, you’ll find our technology achieves your goals.

If you are looking for insulated pallet cover solutions, contact us at The Wilpak Group today for more information about our Insul® technology. We know you’ll see a difference in your shipments with the first use. It’s just one more way we are improving world health.