Passive Insulation, Melbourne, VIC

Our comprehensive product line offers passive insulation protection that will give you confidence your goods are going to remain at a safe temperature during shipment in Melbourne.

Passive Insulation, Melbourne, VIC

When it comes to transporting your temperature-sensitive goods, you may already know that insulation is the key to success. What you may find more difficult, however, is finding the right type of insulative products that not only protect your goods, but also provide adequate temperature regulation solutions. Whether you ship daily, weekly, or monthly, knowing that your products will arrive ready for use is an important part of waste management.

At The Wilpak Group, we make it easier to transport your food, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive items because our Insul® technology incorporates passive insulation for maximum effectiveness. Not only do our Insul® products provide additional protection in the form of a thermal barrier and padding, but their passive insulation helps to protect your products from the outside in. Whether you need insulated pallet covers or are interested in something for smaller shipping requirements like our INSULBOX®, we can ensure that your shipments are protected and insulated against varying climate conditions.

We offer many different products to choose from, so you can choose the solutions that work best for your shipments in Melbourne, Victoria. What you’ll find is that our comprehensive product line offers the passive insulation solutions that give you confidence your goods and products are going to remain at a safe temperature from your site to their intended destination.

Contact us at The Wilpak Group today for more information about our Insul® products. We look forward to helping you improve all your temperature-sensitive shipping deliveries. We are committed to improving world health.

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